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EDP Training


According to the US Youth Soccer Association, the challenge many youth soccer programs face involves the lack of fundamental skill building at an early age. All to often, young players are forced early into environments where winning or losing becomes the focal strategy of the team. The Cavalier EDP Program is built based on a philosophy of teaching our players Age Appropriate Skills. This will be done in a uniform fashion by some of the top coaches and trainers in New Hampshire. We will ensure that each age group receives skills based training that will ensure total player development. We believe TECHNICAL SKILL, not team victories, is the most important measure of success for young players. We will focus on fundamental ball skills, passing and practice positional play within the 4V4 game format. Players will experience and train for all positions on the pitch. Organized matches against neoghboring towns soccer clubs may occur and would be in a jamboree type format. 


Coach Bruno Victal, owner of Brazilian Arts Soccer Training, is the head EDP trainer and coordinator for the Hollis Brookline Cavaliers. He personally along with his team of professional trainers organizes small group and hands on based skills training with ALL HB Cavalier EDP players. EDP teams train 2 days a week for an hour each session. Rapid skill development is observed over the course of each season under the tutalege of Coach Bruno and staff. 


Images to the left are of actual EDP trainings sessions. For more information on cost and which children may be a good fit please click here.

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