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The HB Cavaliers EDP Program

Our Early Development Program is geared towards Kindergarten - 2nd Graders who are not yet on a HB Cavaliers travel soccer team and would like to gain experience developing their soccer skills. This is a series of SKILLS ONLY sessions focused on dribbling, passing and learning to love soccer!

  • Sign up for Monday ONLY, Wednesday ONLY, or BOTH Monday and Wednesday sessions.

  • Sessions are 4:30p - 5:30p starting April 15th through June 10th with no session on Memorial Day.  

  • A total of 8 weeks of skills training at Hardy Field in Hollis.


Almost every young Cavaliers player starts playing soccer within the Brookline Hollis Youth Soccer League (BHYSL) where kids can learn the basics of soccer in a fun and relaxed environment. Those kids showing real interest in the game and mentally prepared to work with professional coaching typically join the Cavaliers EDP. Some combine their organized BHYSL play with the Cavaliers training while others tryout for an age appropriate team when the child and parent feels they are ready for travel club soccer. The heart of the EDP program is to build solid foundational soccer skills for future competitive play.

EDP Spring 2024

  • Monday ONLY ($60)

  • Wednesday ONLY ($60)

  • Both Days ($120)

Registration is Closed

Image by Abigail  Keenan

EDP Training

According to the US Youth Soccer Association, the challenge many youth soccer programs face involves the lack of fundamental skill building at an early age. All to often, young players are forced early into environments where winning or losing becomes the focal strategy of the team.

EDP training sessions

The Cavalier EDP Program is built based on a philosophy of teaching our players Age Appropriate Skills. This will be done in a uniform fashion by some of the top coaches and trainers in New Hampshire. We will ensure that each age group receives skills based training that will ensure total player development. We believe TECHNICAL SKILL, not team victories, is the most important measure of success for young players. We will focus on fundamental ball skills, passing and practice positional play within the 4V4 game format. Players will experience and train for all positions on the pitch. Organized matches against neighboring towns soccer clubs may occur and would be in a jamboree type format. 


Coach Bruno Victal, owner of Brazilian Arts Soccer Training, is the head EDP trainer and coordinator for the Hollis Brookline Cavaliers. He personally along with his team of professional trainers organizes small group and hands on based skills training with ALL HB Cavalier EDP players. EDP teams train 2 days a week for an hour each session. Rapid skill development is observed over the course of each season under the tutalege of Coach Bruno and staff. 

How much does this cost?

It's the best deal in youth sports! Professional training has a cost of only $120 per child for 2 days of training a week for the season. $60 per child if 1 day of training is selected, choice of Monday or Wednesday is available but the day selected must remain consistent for the season. For the level of training, all soccer skilled coaching and simulated game play there isn't a soccer club in New England offering anything close.  

Is this a fit for my child? 

The decision many families typically struggle with is when or if their child is ready to progress from recreational or town soccer. The Brookline Hollis Youth Soccer League is an excellent foundational and fun program for young soccer players starting as early as U4. Most young Cavalier soccer players come from within our town rec league system. We see the most common transition to club soccer in those children showing passion to learn and play the game of soccer who are in the 1st and 2nd grade but certainly not limited to just this age group. Boys and girls ages 8 through 12 make the transition every year and it is purely a family based decision. It is important to highlight, that families can have their children train with the Cavaliers and play on a BHYSL recreational team!


Playing club soccer for the Cavaliers is a stronger commitment than the recreational Brookline Hollis Youth Soccer league with more practice time and travelling outside the town to play weekend games. For those children and their families looking for a fun club which focuses 100% on providing the best learning and playing environment for your young soccer player, the HB Cavs may be for you. 

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