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The HB Cavaliers EDP Program


The Hollis/Brookline Cavaliers Soccer Club is a strong believer in the benefits of teaching sound fundamentals of soccer at an early age as a foundation upon which later competitive play is built. For this reason we established an Early Developmental Program (EDP). This program is tailored for younger boy and girl soccer players (typically 6-9 years old, K, 1st & 2nd graders) who have shown a real interest in playing the game of soccer and want to develop their skills at a more advanced pace. Almost every young Cavaliers player starts playing soccer within the Brookline Hollis Youth Soccer League (BHYSL) where kids can learn the basics of soccer in a fun and relaxed environment. Those kids showing real interest in the game and mentally prepared to work with professional coaching typically join the Cavaliers EDP. Some combine their organized BHYSL play with the Cavaliers training while others tryout for an age appropriate team when the child and parent feels they are ready for travel club soccer. The heart of the EDP program is to build solid foundational soccer skills for future competitive play.


Eligibility dates for the Spring 2022 soccer year

Kindergarten through 3rd grade players



For more information and details please click here.

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