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Registration now open for Spring 2020!


The Hollis Brookline Cavaliers are excited to announce we are accepting registrations for the Spring 2020 season. 


Please note that online Registration for the Spring 2020 does not require payment. Upon receipt of team invitation, which will occur within 7-10 days of February 3rd, your child's roster spot is secured by payment. 


Eligibility dates for the Spring 2020 Cavaliers are- 

U9 -   Born in 2011 & 2012

U10 - Born in 2010

U11 - Born in 2009

U12 - Born in 2008

U13 - Born in 2007

U14 - Born in 2006

High School aged players will typically be 2005-2001


Attending Assessments at the Hampshire Dome in Milford on January 29th at 6:30 pm is required for ONLY brand new to the Cavaliers players. This assessment is to determine proper team placement and that each child is ready to handle organized trainings on a weekly basis.


The Cavaliers will make every effort to provide travel soccer opportunities to all children who register and attend assessments. Based on available teams, coach availability and the numbers of registered children the Cavaliers cannot guarantee a spot for every child. The Cavaliers has partnered with the BHYSL to insure that every child has an opportunity to play soccer locally that has interest.


Accepting a roster spot with the Cavaliers is a commitment to the club and your team that best efforts will be made to attend all trainings and games. Many children play multiple sports and open communication and collaboration are required to make schedules work. If 2 practices a week and 1 game a weekend are too much of a time commitment the BHYSL may be a better choice for your young soccer player.  


Before accepting a roster slot on an assigned team, please consider carefully your child's availability for the Spring 2020 season. There will be absolutely no refunds for any registered player after March 15th. The club will have paid player and team registration costs at the league and local level by that time and cannot recover funds paid out. 


As always, if you have any questions at all just ask! You can contact us through this link. Contact us.

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