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Season Starter Checklist

Are you ready for the upcoming season? We hope the following check list helps you get your young player ready for the upcoming season! 

Soccer cleats


The most important part of any young soccer player's kit is his/her boots or cleats as we call them in the US. At the beginning of each season it is important to check to be sure last season's cleats still fit well with enough room in the toe and with a tight heel. Kids grow so fast some years it is tough to get a whole season from a pair before the child outgrows them. Many kids beg for the latest and greatest but the truth is a well fitting cleat is far more important than its graphics pattern. Something to consider when picking out cleats is it is better to ensure a good fit now and not be tempted to buy bigger allowing room to grow, as an overly large cleat makes many ball skills tougher to pull off. 

Soccer shin guards

Shin Guards

After Cleats, Shin Guards are the 2nd most important piece of gear our young players wear. There are many styles but the most important thing to look for is fit. Young players have small shins and the guard should not reach the knee. Shin guards should be worn UNDER socks for all practices and are mandated for each game. Check to make sure the velcro straps are in decent shape so as to hold the guard in place. Many families replace shin guards seasonally, not due to fit though. It's the smell that leads most to replacing these important guards!


Uniform - Game and Practice

You will want to make sure your young players game uniform is ready to go for the season. If you are new to the club you will need to order your child's uniform well ahead of the season to insure the kit is ready with all appropriate printing complete. That can be done here. For practice sessions a simple kit of soccer shorts, t-shirt and suitable soccer socks is easy to pick up. No cargo shorts or extra long basketball shorts please! Each season can have weather challenges and in US Club Soccer it is not acceptable to wear anything at all over the uniform. In cold or inclement weather tights or synthetic long johns worn under tops and bottoms can make for a much better experience for young players. Also, gloves or mittens can be worn in extreme conditions as well as a tight fitting skull cap. 

Soccer ball

All Additional Equipment 

  • Right Size Soccer Ball (Size 4 U8-U12, Size 5 U13 and above)

  • Water Bottle with name clearly marked

  • Bag for holding all gear 

  • Ball pump

  • Sweatshirt/sweatpants for colder weather on bench

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