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Policies & Guidelines



The Hollis/Brookline Cavalier Soccer Club (HBCSC) was formed to support the expansion of competitive

youth soccer in the Hollis/Brookline, New Hampshire area by providing the opportunity for players to

work with experienced coaches for the purpose of expanding their knowledge and enjoyment of the game of soccer. The HBCSC provides quality coaching. The commitment to the general philosophy of good sportsmanship is measured by a willingness of coaches, players, and parents to commit to the HBCSC code of conduct which articulates how all members, as defined in the HBCSC bylaws, are to conduct themselves.


The HBCSC is committed to working with the Recreation Committees within the town of Hollis and

Brookline to ensure that the function and format of the HBCSC compliments the general sports program

in the community.


For a copy of the current Hollis / Brookline Cavalier Soccer Club Philosophy, Constitution & By-Laws please click here.

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