Hollis Brookline Cavaliers 
Fall 2022 Season

Fall EDP 2022


It's time to sign up for this Fall's Early Development Program (EDP) with the Hollis Brookline Cavaliers Soccer Club! For those not aware of the best program for developing foundational soccer skills for kids in grades K through 3rd, know that we utilize professional coaches assisted by our local HBHS Varsity players to create a fun and exciting hour long training session. The focus is on developing a love of soccer, playing games that teach proper fundamental skills upon which future competitive play will be based. Parents can choose from either Mondays or Wednesdays, or both running 4:30 to 5:30. 

This program is great for young BHYSL players who may be ready for more soccer specific instruction. We keep the energy high, teach proper technique and challenge the soccer skill level of these young players. The program runs 8 weeks, and at $60 for 1 night of training a week or $120 for both days each week it is a heck of a bargain. 

Kate Ferguson, HB Cav's EDP Coordinator runs a fantastic program and this is a very popular offering. In order to insure the quality of the instruction we do cap the size of the player pool for this training.


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Our club philosophy is to emphasize player development through our talented coaching staff. Our coaches not only have experience coaching various age groups, but in many cases they have played soccer professionally. This blend of coaching and playing experience offers our children a world class learning amd training experience.

No need to travel to the gravel pits of Nashua to shoot on nets that haven't stopped a soccer ball in years, fight the traffic after work to make Amherst for practice times or pay through the nose to practice and play on 1/8 of a turf field in Bedford! The HB Cavs is committed to offering our best AND developing soccer players opportunities to compete at their skill appropriate levels! We are excited to showcase why our middle and high school teams are made up predominantly of Cavalier players! Working with our local school program coaches provides advantages that no other club can offer, combined with beautiful "real" grass fields (no gravel and glass here!) walking/bike riding distance from our local schools and homes; there is no better travel soccer program for ALL of our local Hollis and Brookline soccer players! Teams organized by professional coaches and trainers without the influence and politics of parents create an atmosphere that families can be comfortable in and players excel.